Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jackson Falls Off His Bike

This past Saturday we gave Jackson a new bike. He had outgrown his old one and since he was riding all the time we decided not to wait until Christmas to give him his new bike. Jackson set out Saturday morning on a ride with two friends from the neighborhood. They were not gone ten minutes when Aidan, Jackson's friend from around the corner, showed back up in my driveway and said that Jackson had fallen and hurt his face, nose and shins. I got up and went to find my car keys and set out to find Jackson. I had just barely pulled out of the driveway when I saw Jackson walking up the sidewalk with Riley, his girlfriend, who was pushing his bike. Jackson had tears streaming down his face and he was only wearing one shoe. As I got closer I could see that he had a bloody nose, and abrasions to his face. I scooped him up and took him back to the house and showered him off and checked for other injuries. Jackson appeared to be ok, however, quite banged up. He laid in my bed and complained of his teeth hurting and that he could not open his mouth very wide. After an hour, I decided to take him to the hospital. Three hours later, X-rays and a CT scan and we were home with good news. Luckily, as soon as we got home Jackson was back on his bike. Now, four days later his wounds are healing and he is much better. Thanks to all who have called or emailed to check on him.

Right After The Accident

Day 3 After the Accident

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