Friday, April 23, 2010

A Soccer Game, A Spring College Football Game, and A Birthday Party in the Same Day

Saturday, April 17, was a very busy day at the Payne house.  First thing Saturday morning Jackson had his second soccer game and it was attended by both sets of grandparents.  Jackson is playing in a league through the N.GA. YMCA and his team name is the Crushers.  Jackson really seems to enjoy playing and hopefully by the end of the season he will understand the game a little better.  Next thing on Saturday's agenda was to watch the A-Day game on ESPNU.  However, I really did not watch the game because I was busy cleaning up the house for Jackson's 8th birthday party that afternoon.  Johnathan also missed the game because he was running around picking up last minute things for the party.  Thank God for DVR cause we've at least seen a quarter of the game since Saturday, and hopefully we will see the rest of it soon.  The birthday party started at 5 and the theme was Lego Rockband!!  We had 10 kids and several parents.  The kids were great!!! They all rocked out to Lego Rockband and no one fought over who's turn it was to play.  Johnathan grilled hotdogs and we ate an awesome cake designed by Amy Kurtz, who I work with at Galen.  Jackson received a lot of great gifts.  He wasted no time after the party was over building his new lego sets and playing his new Wii/Nintendo DSi games.  I can't believe he is already 8 soon he will be 16 then 18.  Please let it slow down cause I feel like I am going to miss something since the time is moving so FAST!!!
Jackson kicking the ball.
Jackson running after the ball.
Jackson's super cool cake!!!!
James, Jackson, Conal and Aidan rocking Lego Rockband!
Jackson opening his gifts.
Jackson showing off his cool model from Uncle Robbie, Aunt Emma and Jake
Getting ready to blow out the candle.
Jackson K. and Paul jamming on the guitar and drums.

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