Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is a compilation of pictures of Jackson from age 6 to birth. Since I had not added pics to the blog I thought I would start with these. Jackson is the sweetest child. I will never know how he could possibly mine!! Even when I get mad at him he says the nicest things. It is very hard to get mad at him. God blesses us in so many ways and Jackson is the biggest blessing we have received.
Jackson's first tooth he lost at age 6.
Jackson, age 5 and Johnathan, age 30 pose for their first magazine cover!

Jackson at age 4, playing in the leaves at 9107 Tennga Lane.

Birthday 3 was a VeggieTale affair.

Birthday number 2!! Nemo was the theme. We had a family picnic at a park in Auburn, AL.

Isn't he the coolest 1 year old?!?

Jackson spent 3 days in the level 2 nursery due to low oxygen!

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