Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Payne Family

It is December31,2008 and at my father's urging I have started a blog. I thought for my first entry I would give a brief synopsis of our family history.

Johnathan and I met in fall of 1998 through a mutual friend. We were friends for about five months before we began dating. We dated for a little over a year before becoming engaged in April of 2000. We were married 6 months later on November 4. Nine months later we were pregnant with our son, Jackson Lee. Jackson Lee caused a lot of trouble for me before making his entrance into the world. Due to the fact that my blood pressure went through the roof Jackson was delivered via Cesarean section 3 weeks early(April 15, 2002) ;however, he weighed in at 8 pounds 15 ounces. I am glad he came early. Three more weeks and we would have had a 10-11 pound baby. After Jackson was born he and I moved back to Chattanooga, and lived with my parents while Johnathan completed his last trimester at school (in Charleston, SC). We then moved to Auburn, AL one week after Jackson's first birthday. Johnathan took a job at Auburn University as their catering chef. In 2004, we moved back to Chattanooga, so Johnathan could take a job at The McCallie School as their head chef. In 2005, I began nursing school at Chattanooga State. The two years I was in nursing school are a blur now. The first year of nursing school we lived with my parents. They moved to Birmingham the summer of 2006, so we moved in with Johnathan's parents. We also inherited my parents boxer, Brutus, when they moved to Birmingham. When I graduated in May 2007, we bought our first house. We moved into 115 Live Oak Road, Ringgold, GA on the 14th of June. We were so excited! Jackson was very excited to move into his new (Auburn) room!!! Jackson also started kindergarten at Ringgold Primary in the fall of 2007. I took my first nursing job in the ER at Hutcheson Medical Center. Johnathan left McCallie in 2006 and went to work for Famous Dave's Barbecue as a manager. I decided in the late summer of 2008 to take a job with Memorial Hospital in the PACU (recovery room). This would give me some critical care experience. This brings us to the present.